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Terms & Conditions

Please note that we facilitate your visa application process to the best of our abilities. We do not take any responsibility of any delays or rejections by the Embassy resulting out of improper documentation or incomplete data from your side. We also do not take responsibility of delays arising from the Embassy taking longer to make a decision on your application. Please take care necessary precautions before booking your flights or holidays.

At Global Visa Agent, we help you process your visa application to the best of our abilities. We will not be responsible for delays or rejections by the Embassy that happens due to improper documentation or incomplete data from the client side. We will also not be responsible for the delays, in case the Embassy takes longer to make decisions regarding your visa applications. We recommend you to take necessary precautions before booking your flights or holidays.


The terms 'we', 'us' and 'our' are used in reference with Global Visa Agent.co.uk and the terms 'you', 'your' and 'clients' are used in reference to the individuals and/or entities, representing them jointly or separately.

Whenever you place an order with Global Visa Agent or click on the accept or agree to the terms, wherever this option is made available to you by us, you will be considered to have read, understood and agreed to the 'Terms and Conditions' specified by us. If you find any discrepancies or fail to agree, then you need to get in touch with us before placing an order.

If any competent authority deems the any provision of the term and conditions to be invalid or unenforceable in part or in whole, then the validity of the other provisions of the terms and conditions and the rest of the provision in question shall not be affected.

The terms and conditions of Global Visa Agent.co.uk shall be governed by the laws of England and clients have to agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

By instructing us to act as your agent to process visa applications and other related services, you agree to all the below mentioned terms. No agent or servant of Global Visa Agent.co.uk is endorsed to vary the terms unless expressly authorised in writing to do so. However, any agent or servant will be able to take full advantage of the terms and conditions.

GlobalVisaAgent.co.uk reserves the right to refuse in its total discretion to handle any application or act as an agent or carry any item at any point of time and no reason need be given. In addition, we reserve the rights to decline processing of any documents for whatsoever reason including but not limited to incomplete documentation, insufficient processing time, and degree of difficulty to obtain the documents because of the travel purpose. We should also not be held responsible for any loss of time and money, if we decline to process the documents.

All the design, text, content, graphics, software compilation and source codes on this website are copyright of Global Visa Agent.co.uk and/or its content providers. Duplication or reproduction of part or whole of the content of this website in any form is completely prohibited other than for individual use only; and cannot be recopied or shared with any third party. The permission to recopy by an individual does not allow him/her to use the material or any part of it in any work or publication, whether it is in electronic media, hard copy or any other form. Any other kind use of the website is strictly forbidden, without prior written consent from GlobalVisaAgent.co.uk.


The services of Global Visa Agent.co.uk is to submit your visa application and later collect the passport/ visa from the Embassy/Consulate of the respective country for which the visa is required. We have no control, whatsoever, on the outcome of your application or the time taken by the concerned visa section to process your application. Thus, GlobalVisaAgent.co.uk shall not be held responsible or we shall not accept any responsibility for loss or damage as a result of such events. We would help you to fill up the application, however, the reliability or credibility of the information is not guaranteed by us. The clients are requested to check with the Embassy or concerned visa section before filling up any information on the application form provided.

Global Visa Agent.co.uk shall try its level best to process visa applications as per the client's requests, however we shall not be responsible for, nor will we accept any liability for the actions of any Consulate, Embassy, the visa section or concerned passport office in refusing, delaying, issuance of wrong visa or not issuing visas for such applications for any reason whatsoever.

We shall not be responsible for the expense and/ or delay arising from or in connection with the following:

  • a)Incomplete application forms
  • b)Incorrectly and falsely completed application forms
  • c)Inaccurate or incomplete supporting documents

Any expense or cost incurred by the client due the above mentioned delays or non-issuances shall not be our responsibility neither should any charge be levied on Global Visa Agent.co.uk. Tickets should not be booked prior to the visa application until and unless it is required by Consulate, Embassy or specific visa section. In case you need to buy tickets prior to visa application, you should by open tickets.

The visa processing times and other documentations mentioned or suggested by us, our agents or servants through our website, any promotional material or verbally over telephone or in person are approximations based on our years of experience working with the various Consulates and Embassies. These information are deemed reliable in most cases, but are NOT guaranteed. Applicants should make all kinds of travel arrangements only after obtaining the appropriate visas.

We, at GlobalVisaAgent.co.uk will try our best to provide the most accurate and reliable information while processing applications as requested by the clients. However, the requirements and expenses associated with the processing of visas and related services are beyond control of Global Visa Agent.co.uk and are subject to change without any prior notice. These include, but are not limited to, application fees, Embassy fees, application forms, additional documentation and processing time. Global Visa Agent.co.uk does not accept any responsibility for changes in the fees and reserve the right to pass on any elevated charges.

GlobalVisaAgent.co.uk provides carefully compiled and accurate visa and passport information in good faith, on the basis of our understanding of the interpretation of information provided by the respective Consulates, Embassies and passport offices at any and all times. We shall not be held responsible or liable, whatsoever, for any errors and/ or omissions in the information.

GlobalVisaAgent.co.uk is not responsible for taking reasonably considered steps like as being in the client's best interest, fulfilling the client's implied instructions, and charges for rendering these steps, unless it is not otherwise mentioned in writing.

GlobalVisaAgent.co.uk will always try its best to process the visa applications according to the client's requests, however the client will be held responsible to check the validity of the passport, visa and other documents issued to ensure that it covers the period of stay requested, the number of entries requested, also whether it is valid for the purpose of the trip.


You have the right to cancel your order (once accepted by us) at any point of time for any reason up to the point of being dispatched for lodging at the respective Embassy. The charges that would be levied on the client in case of cancellation would be the miscellaneous charges incurred up to the point of cancellation and the charges required for returning the passport to the owner. Visa applications cannot be cancelled once the application is forwarded to the respective Embassy. In most cases, we aim to place the application as soon as we receive the documents for processing, so you need to be very careful.

Once the visa application is cancelled by the client (before lodgement), Global Visa Agent.co.uk will be responsible to return all the documents that had been provided by the client and will immediately refund the money paid to Global Visa Agent.co.uk. We will require a written cancellation request from the client. We may request for additional information to establish the identity of the client requesting the cancellation.

Any cancellation request received after the lodgement of the visa application will not be accepted, since the Embassies or the visa sections will not refund the visa application fees once the application is made. In case the visa needs to be cancelled after the lodgement, no visa fees or service fees (paid to Global Visa Agent.co.uk) will be refunded to the client.

Collection and Delivery

In case of any delivery of the passports or other related documents by Global Visa Agent.co.uk through post or courier, we would be acting as an agent following the client's instructions. The passport and all other documents will be sent via Royal Mail Services. In any case, the documents sent by post or courier by Global Visa Agent.co.uk will solely be the responsibility of the client and not that of Global Visa Agent.co.uk.

Unless mentioned in writing, Global Visa Agent.co.uk will send all documents through Royal mail and subject to the conditions thereof. If the client specifies any other delivery service provide for the delivery and/ or collection of the documents, Global Visa Agent.co.uk shall use its endeavours to appoint a reputable delivery service and the delivery of all the documents will be subject to the conditions thereof.

Global Visa Agent.co.uk shall not be held responsible for the delay, loss, damage or destruction of the documents and passports by any delivery service provider specified by the client themselves or Global Visa Agent.co.uk.