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Tips for Getting a Chinese Visa from London

China has been having a transformative impact on the way the global travel industry operates, finances, and markets itself, and 2015 promises to be a year where brands and organizations marketing to Chinese start looking at them as travelers, beyond just shoppers. It has been getting immense response from travelers across the globe, mostly that from London.

There are numerous types of Chinese visa categories. However the most sought after is that of a tourist visa for china in London. China is now becoming the world's largest source of international tourists. Their custom is worth a fortune. And this predicted growth isn't slowing down any time soon.

Get Your Chinese Visa from London

Getting a Chinese visa from London can seem to be a daunting and a long process at times. It is however recommended that the following steps can help you acquire the Chinese visa in a hassle free manner. The most important things is to understand the things required for the same-

  • - Passport with at least 6 months validity and two blank pages.
  • - A recent colored photograph in a light background.
  • - Requirement of an invitation letter from either a permanent resident or a Chinese company in case you are looking ahead for a business trip.
  • - Evidence of flight and accommodation bookings.
  • - A duly signed and completed visa application form. Remember that the signature should match along with that in your passport.

Below mentioned are certain guidelines that may help you ease out the process of getting a Chinese Visa from London.

  • 1. Always remember to make online appointments for visiting the centre to drop off your documents. On the date of collection for a regular visa service (usually 4 working days later) return with your ticket, and collect your passport. At the same time you can also ask to post your passport and visa application documents for an additional fee of £15.
  • 2. In case you are applying for a business visa (F-visa), ensure that you submit letters from the company that you are visiting, duly signed in by the required authorities in the company letterhead. Remember that email formats are not accepted in this case. Make sure to put your signature by hand in order to validate the form.
  • 3. Getting a Chinese Visa from London generally requires a time period of 5-14 working days with no express service available. All documents need to be prepared along with your passport and have to be sent across to the nearest visa centre with a Royal Mail Special delivery envelope mentioning your address clearly on the front side.

Always remember to abide by all the rules and regulation of the country. You can read through the general guidelines that you may be required to follow as a visitor once you land on the Chinese soil. Make sure to declare all the currencies that you are taking along with you and get them exchanged through reliable sources only. The above mentioned guidelines shall definitely help you with the visa acquisition process. However there are also available a host of visa application agencies to choose from in order to get your Chinese visa.

** Please note that the visa services we provide and the fees we charge are to offer you a hassle free visa application process so you dont have to spend time in applying and collecting your visas. This is mostly free of charge if you apply on your own directly at the embassy. Link to the China Embassy